01 January 2012

2012 Is Here

Happy new year! 2012. The years keep ticking on. I get really sentimental on New Years Day. I'm reflecting on this year that passed. I'm thinking about all of my mistakes. I'm thinking about some things I might have done right. I know that's everyone's goal, to make as little mistakes as possible and to do as much right as possible. Well, this year there was tons of opportunity for right. I didn't take this opportunity most of the time. Floating. I did a lot of floating in 2011. I did not take action to affect others positively.

Where do I start? Well, the obvious place to start is with my wonderful partner in life, Lindsey. I'll admit this to the world: some times I can be a real jerk! Some times I don't treat Lindsey the way she deserves to be treated. That's going to change in 2012. Date nights are mandatory. Flowers are going to be picked. Gifts will be given for no other reason but that I love her.

This year is a turning point. I can see it. There are events that change your behavior. One is having a child. This baby is coming. We're going to be parents. That's awesome! It's more than awesome. It's scary, and humbling. I can never be ready for what's going to happen. 2012 is here, ready or not.

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