26 December 2011

iPod, Christmas, Weather

The Blogger app for iOS isn't as good as the Blogger app for Android. Go figure. Blogger is Google, Android is Google. I'm going to stop complaining and move to my Ubuntu machine.

Okay. Much better. I love my iPod touch for a few reasons: it plays music, the touch screen is really accurate, and the accelerometer is really accurate. I hate it because Apple limits their devices so you have to upgrade every time a new one is released. I had one operating system update for my iPod touch 2nd generation and I had to pay for it. The next operating system update wasn't even available for me. This made me really angry because I payed lots of money for this mini computer. I can't multitask applications, I can't send more than one picture with an email. I can't even attach anything other than a photo as an attachment in an email. But that's okay. It still plays music and browses the web. My iPod wasn't supposed to be the subject of this little blog. It was supposed to be about my trip to the east mountains--and something else too. I forgot.


Oh well. I can't remember what the other thing I wanted to say was. I do want to remember my Christmas day 2011, so I'm going to document it here.

I had a fantastic day yesterday. I woke up at around 7am, freezing. (Lindsey and I turn our furnace off at night to conserve energy.) I think the low Christmas eve was in the teens--I think like 17°F. So it was pretty chilly yesterday morning. It's alright because the furnace in this house works like a charm. It warms up our entire house in about 20 minutes, then it even gets too hot.

So after I turned the furnace on, I turned the radio on. I put it on 89.9 FM. Sunday mornings there's this amazing gospel music program.

Then we went to Lindsey's parents house and enjoyed a wonderful Christmas breakfast. There were scrambled eggs, ham, green chile, and cinnamon rolls. Then we got to open presents and just hang out. It was really relaxing.

After Lindsey's parent's casa we went home to let our little Diego out to go potty and also unload all of our gifts and firewood that we got from the Freeman house. Diego also wanted to play with his new toy he got from Nana (Lindsey's grandmother).

Onward to the Dominguez house. This was a Latino zoo for sure. The decibel level at my parent's house was greater than what you would hear in the boiler room for a navy ship. There was so much going on too. I couldn't keep up. Despite the chaos, it was really great to see my grandma and grandpa, and my aunt Dodo (her name is Dolores but we call her Dodo) and my uncle Sam. It was also good to see my uncle Jeff, aunt Carmen, uncle Mark, aunt Gloria...(did I miss anyone?)...a few of my cousins, my parents, my brother. Yeah, I saw everyone. And I ate some more. I made my plate, then I covered it with my mom's red chile. It was good, but then when the crowd started to chant, "Jerry, Jerry" I decided to make like a tree and leave.

One cool thing about my parents house in Moriarty was all the stinking snow! They had like 18'' of snow! As we were driving east from Albuquerque, we could see the snow show up more and more. We made it to Moriarty and all you could see was white. Then I looked down at my thermometer in my car and it read 13°F. I tapped my instrument box to see if that would fix it. I don't know why I did that because it wasn't broken, and even if it was broken I don't think giving it a firm tap would have helped. But yeah, 13°. It was cold in Moriarty. I looked at the forecast, and it went down below zero last night.

Anyway, that was my day yesterday. Christmas 2011...
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