20 November 2011

Littlest Dog in the Whole Southwest

Sunday morning! It's good to have a day off! Strong coffee, the littlest dog in the whole southwest, the sleepiest cat in the Milky Way, Netflix, eggs in boiling water. It's a good day. This morning, church. This evening, UNM soccer. It's a good day. Next week will be good, too.
Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Christmas is my favorite. November through January are my favorite months.
I've decided that I will not be so negative. Lately, I've been really negative. Well, maybe just opinionated. Whatever it is, I need to stop.
Here's something positive, Lindsey and I are starting to really get into the X Files. Lindsey loves detective shows and she loves the paranormal. Lindsey loves Sci Fi but she won't admit it. Next, I'm going to try to get her into Star Trek Next Generation. I'm sure she's going to love it, it's just going to take some time.
Next week is Lindsey's birthday. I have to figure out where we should eat dinner that night. She wants me to pick.
Luke has been growing in the womb for 20 weeks. He's growing so fast! I need to update our baby blog (http://newmexicobaby.blogspot.com).
I'm writing this blog using my iPod Touch (2nd Gen). This is making me want an iPhone 4s. I might have some opinions about Apple, but you can't argue against the iPod, iPhone and iPad. The Android phones are also so cool though! I know Lindsey is getting an iPhone 4s. But I kinda want a Droid RAZR. They're all just things in the end...cool things. What's important now is breakfast. And X Files.

-Lorenzo Dominguez

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