03 November 2011

My New Cameras and What I Have To Say About Them, Some Photos Too

I was going to start a photography blog, but I figured that if I had anything photography related that I would just post it in my normal blog. I have too many blogs to maintain (like anyone cares anyway) and I'm not really a photographer so I can't justify a "photography blog".
I am a cheapskate who frequents thrift shops and I got lucky and stumbled upon two very nice vintage cameras. My first little gem is a Japanese camera called the Topcon Unirex and my most recent purchase is this really neat (West) German camera called the Voigtländer Vitomatic I. I have taken a few photos with my Topcon. I haven't scanned all of my photos from the Topcon, a lot of them are garbage anyway. These first few rolls of film have been me trying to learn how to manually set almost everything needed for a photo. There's no flash, and there are so many factors you have to take into account when snapping a photo. I love my Sony digital cameras for what they are--point and shot. That's all you have to do. Not the Topcon, or the Voigtländer I'm guessing. I'm so excited to try my new camera and the truth is I'm not even sure it works or if I can find film that fits it. From what I've read in the past ten minutes, this camera is from the mid '50's, so I don't know if my standard film rolls will work with it. I'm excited nonetheless.
So those are them. I'm mega excited to take some more photos with my Topcon and I'm excited to find out if my Voigtländer even works. I'll post the photos as soon as I get them developed. For now, here are some photos Lindsey and I have taken with my Topcon.

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