18 January 2012

FM Transmitter, Sacrifice

What the heck?! I've been waiting to my fm transmitter that I ordered from New Egg for over a week now. I enter the USPS tracking number into the tracking tool on the website and it comes back as an unknown order. I really just want to jam out to some mp3s.

It's probably best that it hasn't come in yet. Last night I rediscovered CDs. The sound quality from a CD is so much better than what I would get from a FM transmitter.

Life has been so busy, it seems, since I've married Lindsey. I've forgotten about things I enjoy. I haven't really listened to a whole lot of music. I haven't gone to the mountains to snowboard. I'm starting to think about those things more now though.

It's not bad that life has been busy. It's not bad that I haven't listened to a lot of music. Marriage is an investment though. I have to work at it.

It's good when you feel like you're getting a better idea of how things are supposed to work. There's a lot of sacrifice in marriage, too. I'm learning that there is a larger reward when you sacrifice your desires in place of your wife's.

I'm still learning though. I'll probably never stop learning.

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