02 January 2012


This Blogger app for Android is pretty sweet. I'm really liking it. I've noticed a bunch more Google apps in the market, too. Google sky lets you point your phone to the sky and identify stars and constalations. Google goggles can scan an item and run an image search and match the two. This app seems like it needs some work. It's a great idea though. Then there's Google Music. This app might be my favorite app. I downloaded it thinking it was only an app to purchase music. That's not the case. You can upload your music into the cloud and stream your music to your device. So your music collection is only limited by your network and data plan.
This morning I started reading Acts. Some crazy things happen in this book. Things that don't happen naturally. Lots of supernatural. This is where my religion began. There are things in this book that even Christians avoid talking about. Speaking in tongues? That's just weird to many Christians. Then there are the Pentecostals who embrace tongues. Does this kind of thing still happen? According to Luke the Physician it happened. He either was there reporting this, or he knew someone who was there. This brings bigger questions about the Bible to me. How much of the Bible is an eye witness account, and how much is just a guy reporting what he heard?
I think it's good to ask questions. If the Bible is true, then it will withstand all of my questions. There are lots of things that are easy to swallow, like Jesus talking about love. Then there are other things that are not so easy, like David being such a man of God, yet he was a murderer and had so many women. God does not want us to murder and He wants us to be faithful to one. Then there's the canon. A group of people came together to decide what books should be in the Bible. Was God there? Christians believe so.
I could see how easy it is not not believe. Why do I believe then? That's something I have to test every day. I want my faith to be strong. I think so many Christians believe just because they were brought up with their faith. If they were born into any other religion then they would follow that faith. Fair enough. Blind faith is not something I want. I want to use this brain that God gave me to search. Science and God cannot be seperated.  I will look to the sky. The stars show me God is here. How big is our universe? We can't answer that. Laws of nature. Why are there laws? My wife's beautiful face, the love I have for her, the love she gives back to me.
God gives me more than the Bible to find my faith. Is that wrong for me to say? I'm not going to limit God.
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