10 July 2013

Who's God? A friend?

It's crazy how friendship affects you. I have lacked communication with people outside of Lindsey and Luke. Lindsey and Luke are the most important humans to me in the world... This last month I was able to have one on one time with a friend.

Life... This is a consistant theme to my blog posts. Friendships come and friendships go. Our character is shaped by the friendships we encounter in our lives. I hope all the time that I'm able to have a positive influence on people I come in contact with.

On another topic...I've really been enjoying this record from Jeff Scheeweis. It's a worship album, but it's not lame. God is real when I listen to these songs. For me I wonder where God is sometimes. I do look at God in a logical way. I believe that science and God can't be separated.

This is a good record for me to meditate on those thoughts...who God is.

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