18 July 2013

MxPx Rules!!!!!

I'm sitting on our back patio listening to the best band in the universe +MxPx. I love them so much. I really don't think anyone reads this blog, so then no one will mind me saying how much I truly love +MxPx. I don't know why I'm placing a Google + tag in front of +MxPx. I doubt they have a Google +. I have a Google + and I'm active on it. No one else I know is active on G+.

That's okay though. Facebook is a bunch of rubbish. I'm sick and tired of reading about friend's and family's lives. J/k. I do care about my friends and family. I think it's just a protest I'm taking due to the lack of human to human interaction. I am the biggest hippocryte I know though. I gave up Facebook to be active on Inatagram (a Facebook company), G+, Vine, Foursquare, Twitter, and I'll even check my MySpace from time to time.

Whatever though. Today is good so far. My boy is amazing. My wife is amazing. Beer is good and I'm going to watch some local #ABQ baseball later this evening.

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