30 July 2013

Lost and Found

I can't believe it. I thought I lost me wedding ring! Key word "thought". The other day I went for a run and when I came back I took a shower. After I showered I noticed I didn't have my wedding ring on. WTF?! I thought maybe I could have lost it while pulling weeds. After my run I decided to pull some weeds. But after searching my front yard thoroughly I still couldn't find it. I had no idea where I lost it. For three days I had no wedding ring...well...sort of. I put a keyring on my finger that served a the symbol of my commitment and love to Lindsey.

Today Lindsey and I were cleaning and she found my ring! It was on a jewelry rack she has. I vaguely remember placing it there. The important thing is that I found it. It was lost and that really sucked! But I found it and that is awesome!

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