14 August 2013

Just In Thought

It's funny. I had a lit of things on my mind just now and the second I open my blog app I forget everything. I think this happens to me often.

So life. What a crazy thing. So much is happening. I was thinking about the universe the other day. Maybe it's because of all the Star Trek: the Next Generation I've been watching with Lindsey. I was thinking about how huge Earth is in comparison to me. I could stand to lose some weight, but still I'm so incredibly small. The Earth, huge to me, is so small in comparison to our expanding universe. How are we safe? There are dangers being hurled all over the place. The Sun is dangerous. Meteors. Can we predict our safety? Is the universe predictable or unpredictable? My mind is stretched. I'm a man of faith, so I have faith that God has everything in control. But sometimes I wonder.

And I'm so small and my son is even smaller than I, but Luke is so huge to me. He's such a little guy but he's the Universe to Lindsey and I.

I'm just pondering things. Thinking about all of these things take me away. I stress out about things. Thinks like bills. Things like my job. Jesus said not to worry about these petty things. He said that he cares about he flowers and the birds and that they don't worry, yet look how beautiful and carefree they are (I'm paraphrasing). Man. Thinking about how God put this ever expanding universe in motion and he cares for me pretty much blows my mind.
This morning I met with some guys from our church. We read some Proverbs. It was real nice to hang out with them. We also spoke about David and Solomon. Heroes of the Bible yet full of flaws. Dang! We talked about how David lusted after Bathsheba then killed her husband just so he could get a piece of her. And he's a Bible hero. Solomon too. Conqubines and wives. God's love. God is love. I'm just in thought today...

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