26 August 2013

Dry Desert; 4

So the journey begins. At this point it's like nothing existed before. Nothing except my love for Jack and Holly. My life is just beginning. With Holly's necklace clutched in my fist, I have to push forward.

The acid rain pounding on my back as I'm kneeling down, I find motivation. I should be thinking about my lungs that are in pain, or the stabbing feeling I have in my stomach from not eating in days. I'm not. Jack and Holly are my oxygen. They're all I care about now.

Movement is all I can think about at this point. The sooner I can start moving the sooner I can see them. The military took them somewhere safe I hope. I'm thinking they're in some bunker somewhere. There's really no way in telling though. They could be anywhere. I'm guessing they didn't tell men because there wasn't enough room for everyone. I don't know that for certain either.

There are some wondering men around Albuquerque. Many of them have gone insane in their loneliness. I think some of them may be in my situation though. I'm beginning to come to my wits though. I could have been one of those insane guys walking up and down the street, screaming at the top of my lungs. The rain helps though. Memories are awakened of me playing in Tiguex Park with my boy and Holly. Afternoon picnics were always fun after Sunday church services. One July I remember it raining almost every say one week. That's a rare occurrence in Albuquerque, even during monsoon season.

So, the next move is on my end. What's my plan of attack? And how do I get there while keeping my sanity. I think first I should find a way to get some food and water in my belly. My physical being can't make it much further.

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