09 September 2013

Just Sayin

Is the idea of God so far fetched? I'm pondering these things like I always do. I'm talking about God. Yahweh. Jehovah. The one who was, who is and who will always be. The Alpha and the Omega. I ask myself if I'm believing a lie all the time. And every time the answer is "no". I'm not. It's not like I want to disprove God, it's more like if there is a way to disprove God, then I'll find out how that can be done. I also find that when I am looking for ways to prove He isn't there that I'm drawn closer to who He is. I also don't want to believe blindly. I think that's the worst way to believe.

So I'll continue to seek... Sometimes I ask the difficult questions. What if God was made up? God was used to force the believing population to be governed. This doesn't make sense to me because the ancient Israelites didn't listen, they didn't cooperate.

There are a lot of cases that will rise up as "proof" that God doesn't exist. Pain is one. If God exists, then why are there Syrians dying the way they did? Children suffering. I've seen the images and they broke my heart. Why didn't God save the innocent? These questions are hard to answer and I don't know.

But can anyone prove God? I think that we can make a great case. Most of my "proof" is in nature though. I see these mountains and I see God. Sure, they were formed over billions of years of the Earth's natural formation process. We have evidence as to how the mountains were formed. But what moved those forces? What caused the Earth's plates to move? Natural laws are just that...laws. How can a law exist if there was no law maker in the first place? These are the questions I ask.

There is something that is more real to me than the Manzano mountains though. The biggest thing that points to God to me is Love. What's love? It's not like gravity or light that it can be explained by some some equation. Love is real. Why does Love exist? Preservation? Does it make evolutionarily sense to love? Love is deeper though. I love Lindsey, I love Luke. There's more. I don't know everything and I really don't know anything. I do know that I want to know more. I want to know God more. I also don't think having faith means that I'm weak. I felt that way sometimes.

It's sometimes difficult being a Christian in the United States. I feel like Americans root for Christianity like they would root for their football team. They don't question why they claim to be Christians. They brag to the rest of the world that their team is winning. Being american means being Christian. And somehow that means you vote republican, love american trucks and love guns. When did being an advocate of guns and Republicans become a prerequisite to being a Christian? So, I have a ton more questions. I'll write them down...

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