24 July 2013

Same 'Ol

It's really cloudy outside. I love it! There has been thunder booming all afternoon. I hope this weather keeps up.

Other than the weather, there have been things on my mind. I lost my wedding ring. That sucked. I lost it when I went for a run. It's good that I'm running, but it sucks that I lost my dang ring! I'm hoping to find it soon. I think it may have fallen off while I was pulling weeds.

My thoughts are scattered right now.

My ring. Running. iPhone 5. Rain. Mae.

So I said iPhone 5. I'm considering an iPhone again. Whatevs.

Mae. I'm listening to a Mae recording I've not heard before. It's called (e)vening. So far it's okay. My favorite will always be The Everglow.

Well, I think I'll leave this scattered post where it is. I'll post some photos and stuff and hopefully next time I'll be more organized with my thoughts.

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