30 June 2013

American Church

I was 18 living on my own for the first time. Blindside released Silence, the most epic album in my view. I couldn't blast that album loud enough. I haven't really followed my favorite bands like I have in the past, I just found out Blindside has a new album...that was released in 2011. Lame! I'm a bad fan. I'm listening to it now though and I like it a lot so far.

That's one thing I wanted to say... Another thing I was thinking about was church, specifically church in America. I'm kinda turned off by it. Lindsey and I had chance to drive across the country. While we were driving through Arkansas we had the pleasure of stumbling upon an interesting radio show called Frances and Friends. In the show they condemned people who drink alcohol, Christians who support the idea that Jesus' first miricle was turning water into alcoholic wine and not grape juice, homosexuals and a German woman.

It was a painful conversation to listen to but it was interesting to hear what a large population believes. These people at Frances and Friends would take every opportunity to support their theology with a book that was written by one of their pastors. They would also plug these books and encourage the sale of them. Not only would they plug the books they authored but they would also plug a bible they publish with commentary they added.

These people are extreme in their beliefs and extremely off point. I saw through their facade and saw a business selling religion. They are fake. What's sad to me is that I can see their fakeness but a large audience doesn't see it and they drop tons of money on their books.

Frances and Friends is extreme but I feel that the church as a whole in America is a huge business. Mars Hill Church in Seattle and Calvary Chapel are a few less extreme churches that come to mind for me. Pastors from these churches always have a book their plugging. They have visually appealing churches and church logos. They are active in social media. Are they sincere about Jesus? Or are they sincere about their careers? I feel like churches in America strive to be successful for all the wrong reasons. It's all very confusing to me. I want to research my thoughts more. I want to talk about it more.

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