07 May 2013


My gosh, it's been a busy week. And it's only Tuesday! I feel like the work week is dragging and the weekends just fly by. I need to figure out a way to enjoy my week more instead of just working though it. I think that's probably something that many American's struggle with.

I think this upcoming weekend should be nice, though. We're picking up Lindsey's parents from the airport. They enjoyed a long, nearly two-week vacation in Hawai'i. I'm jealous! I would love to vacation on the beach, enjoying the beautiful weather. By "beautiful weather" I mean warm and raining, or even cool and raining. I love the rain. I love New Mexico too, which is funny because it feels like it hasn't rained here in years. We really are in record drought. Anyway, this weekend...

After picking up the in-laws I want to get some yard work done. We have grass (sort of) and I want to maintain the grass. I would like to buy some seed and get our lawn in awesome shape. Here's a picture of our grass now.

I hope to get this grass in top-top shape. But again, we're in a drought and it sucks. I feel bad for watering so much. This is funny to me, too, in Missouri we had grass and we didn't even have to ask for it, or work for it. It just grew. This occurrence is something I'm only familiar to in the New Mexican mountains. In the city, grass just doesn't grow, in the Sandia Mountains--sure, but not here. In Missouri, grass just grew. Xeriscaping in Missouri? No need for that and I'm sure they have no idea what the heck it is there. 

Either way, Albuquerque is supposed to get around 10-13 inches of rain a year and I doubt if we've even had a half inch of rain this year. The forecast is saying there's a small percentage of rain for this week. I hope it does. I need to drive in the rain. I need to smell the air after it rains. We need rain. I need rain. 

Those are all my rants for now. I've been thinking about many other things. I imagine I'll be writing more soon.

(I listened to Social Distortion while writing this blog post.)

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