30 April 2013


Remember MySpace? I don't either. I was just browsing my old blogs on that site and I ran into this oldie. I published it on 1/30/2009. I got a good chuckle out of it.


In economics we're taught about the marginal propensity to consume.  There's some dumb math equation and some theory to go along with the idea.. Who cares.  I'm thinking about my marginal propensity to make every food I encounter into a burrito.  It works with most food.  Chicken alfredo pasta, chicken ceasar salad, eggs and bacon, quishe, morning star farms chikin nuggets and buffalo style chikin nuggets.  Everything is better wrapped in a tortilla.  Well, maybe not.  Pizza is good not wrapped in a tortilla.  Cereal is good in a bowl with milk.  Some types of soups are good with no tortillias. Maybe it's the Latino in me, but I think tortillas are one of the greatest food inventions of all time. 

The other day a man on the bus welcomed me to his country.  He said, "Sir.  You're not from here are you? I would just like to welcome you to my country."  I said, "Thank you for that. But I'm actually from here.  I'm from Santa Fe."  He thought I was of some Middle Eastern descent.  Then he said I should shave my beard and so he doesn't mistake me for some other nationality.  Quite funny.

Why the heck do people think New Mexico is all desert and it is always warm here and we all speak Spanish.  I wish I spoke Spanish don't get me wrong, but we are part of the United States.  Sure the Spanish came here in like 500 BC, or whenever it was, so we do have lots of history with Spanish speakers, but after the Spanish left we became part of the United States--English speakers.  We have cars, we have airports, we have mountains, we have forests. We also have deserts.  Yes, and we have burritos, and everyone here likes them.
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