30 April 2013

Strange Day

What an interesting day it has been so far. Our neighbor is really elderly. She's probably in her 80's or 90's. Today she kinda lashed out at me. It was really unexpected. Lindsey and Luke went to the zoo to enjoy the day while I stayed home and just sat around. I decided to grill myself a burger (cause that's what dudes do). While I was grilling she peered though my fence and started to tell me that she wished I would disappear. Her eyes looked like they were cloudy and her nose had dried blood around it. She continued on and told me that I was evil and said that she believes in God and that I am going to disappear. It really threw me off because other encounters I have had with her have not been so bad.

I didn't think to much about her words to me. I continued on and turned on Jon Stewart. While I was watching my program and eating my burger, I heard a pounding on my door. Diego (my dog) started to freak out and began to bark. It was her. She was pounding on my door. I have no idea what is going on in her brain. She does seem to have a bad case of dementia or some other mental illness. I called the police. They came over and asked me some questions. I was worried for her safety and for mine. Who knows if she has weapons in her home or not.

I hope this is that last bad encounter we have with our neighbor and I really do hope my call to the police leads to help that she needs.

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