12 May 2013

A Challenging Week

It's the beginning of the week. This week will bring challenges. Luke will wake up in the middle of the night sometime this week. I won't have much time with Lindsey this week. I'll have to work this week. School work will have to be done this week. So, this week will be challenging. That's not so bad, though.

I'm happy to be challenged. It feels good to know that you've accomplished something during the week. This week I plan on going to work. I'll do my best. I plan on spending time with Luke. That'll be fun.

So, even though I'm not thrilled the weekend is over and my week is beginning, I'm still happy to be challenged.  Besides, my weekend isn't over. It's Sunday night and I still have a movie to watch with Lindsey.

There's other stuff on my mind... I can't think of it now.

Oh yeah! I wanted to talk about a great blog I read today. Here's the link. There was some really insightful words written in this blog.

Other things...
The inlaws came over for dinner tonight.  It was great talking to them about their trip to Hawaii.  I'd love to go sometime. I just love to spend time with other people and converse about life.

I think this is all I want to write right now. I think I'll watch some videos about the HTC One right now. That's all.


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