04 December 2010

Weak Sauce

I went for a run this morning and I decided to keep track of the
stats, weak sauce as the may be. I ran from Truman and Marble(?) to
Truman and Stanford(?). I'm not sure of the streets, I'd have to get a
map in my hands. I wish there was an offline version of a map I could
download for my iPod. There probably is. It took me 15:18 to run that
far, whatever the distance. I did pass a runner on the way, I was
pretty proud of myself. I noticed a few things on my run-- crows are
pretty majestic creatures. I think crows are birds are too often
dismissed as pest birds. They are quite beautiful. I also noticed that
I love looking at the Sandia Mountains. They are some of the most
beautiful mountains in my opinion. So yeah, that's that. A 15 minute
run. Maybe I'll take a go at a 20 minute run tomorrow. The music
really makes the run, that and the scenery.

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