13 December 2010

I'll Bing It

Last night I was watching The Great American Race, or The American Amazing Race. I can't remember if that's what it was called. Anyway, there were three teams and they were riding in cabs in Los Angeles looking for clues to finish the race. All three teams were panicking, looking for a computer screaming, "Google this!", or Google, that!". To Google something means to do an internet search using Google.com. I feel like Google has made it look like their search is the only reliable search engine. I used to feel that way. I wouldn't bother searching with Yahoo, or MSN, or Alta Vista. I used Google. I've always been one to like things that were not in popular culture, and dislike things that are in popular culture. There is probably no good reason for me to do this. But I think this way anyway. So, I think I'm done with Google for the most part. I still love Picasa, and Chrome. Searching for things on the internet I'll go to Bing though. The Bing app on my iPod is great! Maps on Bing for iPod are so much better than the default map app. The thing I hated the most about the map app that the iPod came with is the fact that I couldn't rotate my map. 
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