13 December 2010

I Wish I Was In Space

It's the end of the day and I'm still thinking about stats and such. Weather and sizes of cites and stars. I'm dreaming now. I wish I could listen to Oh Darling by the Beatles while floating in space while and looking at the earth. I would be in some sort of space craft, of course. That would be nice.

The other night I was dreaming (while awake) that there was a bridge that spanned the Atlantic Ocean from the USA east coast to France's west coast. I was thinking about how the material used in constructing this bridge would have to be some type of super material. I was also thinking about how there would be little bridge towns along the way. There would be fueling stations and restaurants and hotels. I dream about this bridge while I lay in bed. I also dreamed (while awake) about a bridge that would go over the Rocky Mountains (the Rockies in New Mexico). This bridge would go right over Truchas Peak. I think that drive would be pretty nasty in the winter. I'm guessing there would have to be oxygen stations too. Ya know, folks who aren't used to 14,000 feet could get altitude sickness. I don't actually think these things could be accomplished...but it would be sweet if they were. 

Here are some random screen shots of what I look at during my free time. 
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