07 December 2010


This is the strangest thing... I'm getting an insane amount of hits from Sweden. It makes me glad that people are finding my blog somehow. I think it might be a mistake. I wonder if these folks from Sweden are actually reading what I have to say? It's been a really strange day all together anyway. The weather isn't right. Everywhere in the country is experiencing wet, cold weather. Even Florida has cold weather today. Us in New Mexico, we have warm weather. I didn't even wear a coat this morning. 

I want to get excited about snowboarding too. It's really hard for me to get excited about it though. I feel like the snow would be crappy... I'm also worried about the money part. Snowboarding is expensive. I never worried about this before. We're tentatively planning a trip to Durango on the 17th. Just wanted to check out some stats of the mountain. According to their website the summit is 10,822 ft above sea level. I thought it was higher than that. They receive 260 inches of snow each year. That's a good amount, but look at it compared to Wolf Creek's 465! Wolf Creek is great, but if you're looking at spending more time in the town, then I would prefer Durango to Pagosa Springs. So I'm excited that this might happen! I just need to get my board and my boots back from my brothers. I gave them away last winter because I thought I would be in Missouri for longer. I hope they'll give them back. 

I'd also like to check out Taos sometime in my life too. I've been there once a long time ago. I was forced to rent some skis. I was terrible on the skis. I remember thinking that Taos wouldn't make sense on a snowboard anyway. There were those stupid moguls everywhere. I hate moguls. Lift tickets are $70 at Taos! Lame. Angelfire would be great to check out this winter too. They have always had a great terrain park. Although, I think I'd probably injure myself on the terrain park now if I tried. I'm excited to see where December and January head. 

Also, here a cool site I found with awesome maps of mountains. http://3dskimaps.com/
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