16 February 2010


I'm on The Santa Fe New Mexican web site looking at the "400 Facts On Santa Fe" in honor of 400 years of the magnificent city. It's really fascinating. I know almost nothing about this city. There is so much history.

I've been looking at a lot of New Mexico news lately. I like KOB.com, the NBC affiliate in Albuquerque. It's more fun to know about what's going on at home when I'm not there. Why would I need to know what's going on in Albuquerque when I was there? I was there. So I don't need to know...cause I already knew. Because I was there. In Albuquerque. But Albuquerque isn't important right now.

What's important is Santigold. She's important. And Portland, OR. That's were I'm going to live for the next seven days. Maybe I'll see Santigold in Portland, probably not. But I'm headed anyway, Santigold or not. So I'm done for now. Peacing out!!
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