09 February 2010


First of all can I just say how much I love Google. Not only is the search engine epic but they have amazing maps, Google Earth, picasa, Blogger, Gmail, You Tube, and they can all be synced to cooperate together. I love it. If only Apple could be more user friendly like Google. Sorry, I'm just having a hate on Apple day today. I don't even like the fruit apple that much. The skin gets stuck in your teeth. Apple juice is great, but the fruit by itself isn't that great. I mean I'll eat them...but I digress. Oh yeah and it's the fruit Eve forced upon Adam to cause the fall of the human race. The first sin. Well, I don't think the story went like that at all. I know a lot of artists depict the fruit as an apple, but there is no specification. And before people shout at me, I know Eve didn't "force" Adam to sin. But Apple Inc. is a sin. I'm so sick of this stupid download they're trying to make me purchase for my iPod. I'm regretting my iPod purchase for sure. I should have bought a Sony mp3 player. Neigh! A PSP. How could I have been so foolish. PSP's are so sweet! Oh well.

Here's a video of our house, my main purpose of blogging tonight. Please excuse my horrible camera work. My neighbor was outside smoking a cigarette when I went outside and I didn't want to creep him out by filming. Also excuse our dirty casa. I should have cleaned before I showed the interweb-net world our place. Here it is:

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