19 February 2010

PAC nw

I'm totally on a flight to Seattle right now.  I'm trying to type something on my iPod that is longer than a few paragraphs long. This is actually easier than I thought! The nice thing is that the typing software corrects all of my mistakes.  It's guessing my misstakes, but it does a good job guessing. Now, I can type my thoughts on my iPod and copy and paste them to my computer and do eith them there whatever I like. Yes! I can copy and paste! I finally downloaded the iPod update! I think it's worth the $5. I thought I would never say that, but it is. I'm just upset because this little device has so much potential and it's limited. I knew it was Bluetooth capable... Whatev. 

Technology aside, I'm really excited to be flying over Washington , or "Warshington" as I say to Lindsey. She hates it, lol. I can't wait to check this area out! Right now I want some food. I haven't eaten today and it's 1pm cst. We had such a stressful morning too. We were running a little late, then we ran into traffic about 15 miles from our exit. It was a stand-still and I became nervous. Oh man, I thought we were going to miss our flight for sure! We only had 45 minutes and we still had to find the parking place and go through security at the airport. THEN I misses the turn for the parking place and I couldn't find my way back. Good news is we made it. Security was fast. And our plane boarded fast and we took off shortly after we boarded. I was surprises how easy it was! But now we're getting close and I want to take pictures. 

Bye for now!


Lindsy is so awesome
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