12 February 2010

I'm Tired But I'm Going To Portland

Sleepy. I'm so sleepy. These early days are taking their toll on me. It's really nice if I can get to bed early. That's the problem though. It's really hard for me to get to bed. I'll lay in bed and roll around for a few hours. Then at around 10 or 11, sometimes 12 I'll finally doze off. Then I'll wake up at 4am and make some coffee and get to work. Today I was so tired I turned off my alarm and went back to sleep. Luckily I had a back up alarm that went off at 4:20am. Ugh... Then I get home and take a nap, then I wake up and I'm groggy. Then the cycle starts over. I'm really trying. I just hope I can either get a new schedule at work or get used to this waking up early business. Or, better yet, maybe I can actually find a job where I can use my degree. That would be fantastic! I have tomorrow and Sunday to sleep in then Monday, and Tuesday I work early again. Then Wednesday marks the first day of a much needed time off of work.

I'm so excited to finally meet most of Lindsey's family--her grandfather (who is the main purpose of our visit), her uncles, aunts, cousins, high-school friends, I'm excited to meet all of them. I'm also excited to see this land that Lindsey came from. I hope we have a safe and smooth trip. I'm pretty sure this is the longest flight I've ever been on. I've flown from Albuquerque to Atlanta in transfer to New York City, and I've also flown from Albuquerque to Houston in transfer to Washington D.C., but I think those flights were shorter than this flight. We'll be in the air for a little longer than 4 hrs and traveling a distance of around 1700 miles. We flying to Seattle and changing planes there. Portland's going to be great I know. Oh my mind hurts and it needs rest. I can't wait to just catch up on some sleep. I can't wait to actually spend some time with Lindsey. I feel like I'm in some altered state all of the time. It's going to be refreshing.
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