01 February 2010

A Good Day

I hate when I write too many bloggs. I try to convince myself that it's mostly for me... Well it is. I like leaving my thoughts out there and if someone wants to find out what they are then they can help themselves. Okay so I'm bored again! I had such a wonderful day with Lindsey today and I didn't want to say "bye" to her when I dropped her off for work. I wanted the day to continue. I love her!! I never knew I could feel like this for a person. She's so amazing...

Today we went to Macon, MO. When I hear the name "Macon" I immediately think about the band Macon Greyson that Joe and I saw a few years back in the Atomic Cantina. What an amazing show. I had such a blast that night with Joe. I seriously miss Albuquerque right now. I'm not writing about Albuquerque though. I'm writing about Macon. Macon is about a third of the size of Moberly. It feels like a larger town than it is though. It has a lot of the same architecture as Moberly. The really old brick buildings with buisness signs on them. If it wasn't for the modern cars I would have been fooled to be transported to the fifties. It really gets me amped about American history. Lindsey and I were talking about how we could just imagine it bustling with people in the fifties. With high school kids wearing their letter jackets, throwing footballs around and girls with their poodle skirts and penny loafers(?). There was even an old drug store that was still operational, with a soda fountain y todo. So yeah. Great time in Macon. We then ate at a Mexican restaurant of all places. It was called Los Jimadores. I could just hear the Macon folk mispronouncing that one. Haha! It was delicious, and there were real Mexican's working there! Oh goodness! We took lots of pictures that I'll post soon enough. There was also an abandoned drive in movie theater, so Americana. I was transported to the '50's once again. The guys that were throwing the footballs around were taking their dates to the movie, ooo and maybe they were able to hold her hand. And Lindsey was there with me, imagining similar things that I was imagining.

I wonder if 50 years form now people will wonder about us and our day today?
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