27 March 2008

Skateboarding and South Park

Yesterday I was skateboarding home on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. and I was going pretty fast. I noticed there was a slight rise in the concrete about a half inch. I thought I could roll over it, but instead my skateboard stopped and I kept going. I wasn't hurt, but the things in my backpack were. My favorite coffee/tea mug was broken! Sucks. I'm forced to get a new mug. This time I'm going to get a more sturdy mug. Maybe one made of metal and plastic and not clay, or whatever this last fragile mug was made of. Also my computer was rattled. The plastic case came apart a little and when i turned it on there was a clicking noise in the speakers. The noise went away when I turned it on this morning. My iPod was okay too. Last time I bailed on my board (the same way in a different spot) my iPod broke. That sucked. I've since stored my baby in a more protected spot. I think from now on I'm going to leave my computer at home. There are valuable South Park episodes to be downloaded anyway. By the way, I don't know what to think about the season opener when Cartman gets aids and gives it to Kyle. I hope the following episodes are better. Jon told me the newest one with Britney Spears kind of sucks too.
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