09 March 2008

Out at Atomic

I had a chance to try out my new camera last night. Joe and I went to see The Oktober People, sadly we didn't stay to see them. I thought I'd get a chance to see them again, and I was crashing from a high dose of caffeine. We did go to Denny's after and I had a Moons Over My Hammy without the hammy with Boca and a water on the rocks. Before Denny's we saw some really good bands from San Francisco. Birds and Batteries had a really interesting sound. They used a laptop with some beat program that added a really cool electronic element. What I thought was the best part of their show was the lap steel guitar. This guy rocked out on the lap steel too. Low Red Land came up next and they were a rock and roll three piece, the best kinds of bands in my opinion. Their last song was acoustic, and they brought out the accordion, and a banjo for this. It was pretty sweet.

Here are some pictures from the night:

Live Music
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