05 March 2008

If You Leave Me Now...

you take away the biggest part of me, oh woo hoo.

That's Chicago. I like it when Butters sings that song on South Park. Funny stuff.

So I miss Velouria a lot. She was my best kitty in the whole world. She was a bit moody when people were around. But I love her. She ran away when I was busy being stupid. I hope she's still alive and I hope she's living with a nice person that feeds her Iams and gives her kitty treats. And I hope she has a nice collar with a bell on it.

I want to get a kitten now that I'm living by myself and things are becoming a bit more steady. It's nice to be greeted by a kitten when I get home from a long day at work. We'll see. I'm going to look into adopting a kitten.

Also, my camera that I thought was fixed isn't really fixed at all. It opens and takes pictures but the pictures have horizontal lines in it. I must have messed something up. I'm not worried though. I was a little disappointed but I figure I need a new camera anyway. I bought a new Sony today online. I can pick it up at Circuit City within the next few weeks. I'm pretty excited. I love taking pictures, and I've been without a good camera for a while now.
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