06 March 2008

25 Inches of New Snow

I should be riding a lift up to the top right now. Dang school and responsibilities! I'll get my chance before the season is over (I hope).

Something totally not related to awesome conditions in Santa Fe- I completely support red light cameras. I went to the town meeting last year when the city was voting on it, and my stance on the issue has not changed. People in Albuquerque are horrible drivers and I don't think the police department can keep all of the crazy drivers in check. If we can have constant surveillance on all the roads all the time then I'd be all for that too. The fact is driving is dangerous, and some people like to make it more dangerous. I drive for my job so I have an opportunity to see some not-so-safe driving every day. I feel like the intersections with the red light cameras are safer, and I'm sure there are stats to support my feeling. People think the cameras are taking away their privacy. Maybe that's right, but I'll give up just a little bit of privacy to avoid someone blasting through a red light and killing someone. The governor signed a bill giving all profits from the red light cameras to the state to support DWI enforcement and I assume other highway and road enforcement and maintenance. Maybe he'll put some of that money toward the Rail Runner. I'd be all for that too. Also, the fine is capped at $75. Before it was a $100 first time fine and I think it went up $100 each time. Whatever, fine me if I break the law. I deserve it.
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