02 February 2015

Why, God?

I have asked this question before and it still baffles me. If God exists, then why (insert problem). Here's what I know-- God has infinite power. God knows everything. God loves. Knowing these things make me wonder. Why does God allow children to suffer? I'm a Christian, am I allowed to ask this question? Is God upset with me when I question His nature? Does God just want me to accept the things I see around me? Like pastors in America say, "God said it, that settles it". That was shortened from "God said it, I believe it, that settles it".

But it doesn't feel settled to me. Maybe I don't have enough faith. Well, not maybe. I don't. I don't have enough faith.

There has been a lot of bad news coming out of Albuquerque. Cops are being shot in meth busts, there were three separate shootings yesterday, a ten year old was involved in a hit and run, and a three year old shot his pregnant mom and dad accidentally with his two year old sister in the room, and we're still talking about the cops that killed a schizophrenic homeless man in cold blood in the Sandia Foothills.

All of these stories suck. The stories I especially hate to read are the ones involving kids. A three year old accidentally pulled out his mom's gun and shot her. What if he would have killed his mom? He would have had to grow up without a mother. Why is he even in this situation in the first place? This family was in a motel... not a home. Were they homeless? Why does God allow kids to be born into homelessness? Why does God allow kids to suffer? God loves kids. It says in the Bible he does. Why then?

All of these stories have guns involved. That's another question I have. Why did God allow guns to be invented. I think guns are the most devastating single invention in human history. Think about what life would be like if we didn't know what a gun was. I do think that it would be different, but humans are full of sin and would think of other ways to hurt each other. If we didn't invent the gun, then we would have invented something else to hurt each other.

I wonder if the beauty on earth balances out the evil. There were three shootings and a roll over accident in Albuquerque last nigh, all evil. Lives were lost. Families are mourning today. But look at the Sandias. The mountains are a way for God to show himself to us. They are beautiful. Look at our children, they're curious, and innocent. They bring us joy. I'm sure there are people today that are showing kindness that's not being reported. Is the beauty balancing out the evil? Why does God allow evil?
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