13 February 2015

Work Hard

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Ruth 3:1-18

This is a weird part of scripture. So Ruth goes to the place where they’re collecting wheat (I guess). She’s told by Naomi to do all this. And she puts her cloak down on the threshing floor. I guess Boaz is eating and drinking while all of this is happening. I’m guessing that Boaz is drinking alcohol and his “heart was merry”. I know my heart gets merry when I’m drinking, so I think this was the case for him. But, after he’s had enough, Boaz lays (lies?) down and goes to sleep. Ruth sleeps at his feet, and in the middle of the night, Boaz wakes up and he’s like “what the hell?”, “who’s there?”. I’m paraphrasing, but he was startled at Ruth just sleeping at his feet like a creep. When he wakes up, they talk and Boaz rewards her for her faithfulness and gives her a bunch of wheat, which is implied can be sold…

This is a weird story again, at least for me, an American living in the United States in 2015. I guess it might not have been so weird in ancient Israel. I think the point of this is that Ruth is faithful. She works hard. She wants to help Naomi. Her heart is right and she is diligent. I think a lot of times I will get lazy and just want to coast by in life. I know that anything worth having in this life has to be worked for.

The other day, I bought a lottery ticket because the jackpot was half a muther freaking billion dollars. What would happen if I would have won that jackpot? Well, I didn’t work for that money. I mean, I guess I worked for the $2 that purchased the ticket, but I didn’t work for that half a muther freaking billion. What I’m saying is that money would have been worthless to me… I mean, that’s a gripton of money… Back to Ruth. She is showing her work ethic. I don’t know if she was going to sleep with Boaz, again, I don’t know the culture of the time. But she is definitely displaying her character by caring for Naomi.

Forget you read that last paragraph.

Today, we love a deal. We love to save. Free crap is good crap, it doesn’t matter what the hell it is. I think that something of value has to be worked for. I’m not just talking about things either. I’m talking about relationships. I’m talking about the valuable things in our life. I might be missing the point here, but that’s how I read this. I have to work on the relationship with my wife because it’s valuable. I have to work on the relationship with my son, because it’s valuable. etcetera. I want a bomb ass Chromebook 2, I’ll have to work to get that G. Anyway, I’m out. This was Bible studying with Zohan. Peace.

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