19 February 2015

A Bunch of Whores

Jeremiah 3

God’s talking a lot in this chapter. He talks about how his people are whoring themselves around, worshiping wood and stone, other gods. God is showing his displeasure, and he even talked about how “the showers have been withheld, and the spring rain has not come”. I’m guessing this is direct punishment for his people whoring themselves around, not devoting themselves to God.

The chapter goes on, and God expresses his desire to reunite with those people. There is a parallel to a husband and a wife. In the beginning of the chapter he asks the question of if a man divorces his wife and then becomes another man’s wife, would that man return to his wife after she’s been "polluted". That would be difficult to me, if Lindsey and I divorced, and then she married another man and had sex with that man, would I be able to go back to her? I can say a definite “no”. I would not want her back. It’s really sad...but inside, my feelings, I couldn't take her back. It’s incredibly shallow on my side, but that would just be too difficult for me to handle. Here, God talks about that situation, and that he’s angry about Israel whoring itself up with other gods and idols and not worshiping Him. But then he talks about how he wants Israel to return to him. He says he will not look on them in anger. He only asks that they acknowledge their guilt and he will take them back.

This can be applied to our lives today. God is not our number one. Especially in America where there are so many distractions. God is not my number one. It would be difficult to tell exactly what my number one is--what I worship. But, I know it’s not God. If God is the same today as he is here, and that’s what Christians believe, then God still wants us. We’re whoring ourselves up now, and it hurts him just like it would hurt me if Lindsey was involved romantically with another person. The difference is that God wants us back…

This is hard for me to understand. God is the ultimate being. He is God. He has all the power in the universe imaginable, then he has even more power than that. God is God. Why then, does he require our companionship? God doesn't need me? Does he? According to this, he greatly desires our company. Well, the scripture talks about Israel. I’m not sure if this applies to all humans, but I’m assuming it does. I've heard in church that we are created in God’s image. I don’t know where it says that in the Bible, but I have the internet and I’m going to look it up. ...Okay, Genesis 1:27. So, we can sort of get an idea of who God is by examining ourselves. We need relationship. I need my wife, I’ll just say it. I need to know she loves me. I need her to know that I love her back. I need her support in life. I need her. Before I knew I needed Lindsey, I knew that I needed a woman to spend my life with. I knew I needed that. God takes a wife too, it’s us.
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