11 February 2015

Journal 3, Week 1

ggww jrn 3 wk 1

Ruth 2:1-16

What I see here is a woman who sees a need and is willing to work for it. As humans, we don’t like to make sacrifices. I sure don’t. But Ruth was willing to go to Boaz’ field and basically pick up the scrap wheat. I guess they would be able to then grind up this wheat and make flour for bread or cakes. Not sure, but they would have food basically. So she humbled herself and basically begged for food. She was then noticed by Boaz as a hard worker and he fed her and showed her favor as she continued to glean in the fields.

There are a few things that I see in this section of scripture. One is that she was a beggar. She found herself in a situation that was less than fortunate. I don’t know what the culture was like back then, but I think it probably wasn't much different than today. We see beggars today and assume they are all just lazy. Ruth wasn't lazy, she worked really hard for what she had. Beggars today might be working just as hard, and it definitely doesn't feel good to beg. You take a position of the lowest person in our culture. I’m sure that doesn't feel very good. Some people will show compassion like Boaz did, but most people will look down on them and judge them and wish they weren't there. I hear people brag about cities with harsh weather that they don’t have a homeless “problem” because many of the homeless will die from being exposed to the hot or cold weather.

I think there are two lessons from these verses; one is that we should work hard for those that we care for, even when we don’t like our job, or don’t like our situation. Work as hard as you can. The second is that if we see those working hard and notice that they are in a situation that isn't so great that we should show compassion like Boaz did.
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