28 January 2015


Journal 3. 1 John 1:8-9

How many times have I said to myself that I am without sin? A lot. I justify a lot of things in my life that I feel are not sinful, or that I just don’t even think about. Here it says that I am deceiving myself and that the truth is not in me. What does sin mean? I've had an idea of what sin is since I was born. Sin is basically actions that are bad in God’s eyes. There are a lot of things that have been identified as sin to me from just being in church since I was young. There’s a focus on guilt. I’m still trying to process that… but what is sin? Well, I would say it’s the inability to be holy, blameless. I am with spot, I am stained, I am at fault. Guilty, I guess. I see a truck with a spoiler on it and I judge that person. I see a Twitter post with poor grammar and I pass judgment (even though my English skills are terrible). I do worse things than that, too. I am with sin. I would say that sin is to disobey what God is commanding of us by going against the example He gave to us in Jesus. Am I washing the feet of others? Do I judge? Do I care for myself more than those around me? Yes. I’m with sin.

I think sin is something different than what I was brought up to understand, but like I said, I’m still trying to process it completely. Anyway, this passage says that I am deceiving myself if I think I’m without sin. There’s good news. If I confess my sins….God. is. Faithful. The first step is to realize that I am with sin. Then what do I do next? Well, I need resolution. God provides resolution. He is faithful. He is just. He will forgive me. He will cleanse me. As a Christian, this is huge. 
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