22 January 2015

Vengeance is God's

Journal day 4. Romans 12:19-21
What I see here is that when we witness evil, or if we’re wronged, we’re not to get revenge. We want revenge really bad, we want to equalize the world by repaying their evil with equal or greater evil. It would satisfy us. Here, Paul is saying that we’re not supposed to satisfy our desires but repay evil with good. He says we’re to feed our enemy is he’s hungry, give him something to drink if he’s thirsty—totally going against what we really want to do to those people. It also says that by doing this we will “heap burning coals on their head”. Okay, so by doing good, we’re really getting revenge via God? Overcome evil by doing good…

This passage brings me more questions. I understand that we’re to do good all the time, even if evil is involved. What’s weird here is that this passage is saying that we’re doing good to accomplish God’s vengeance. Isn't the point of doing good just to do good? Also, the ever present question of if God exists, then why does he even allow evil. I know, I know, we’re fallen, we have sin, we need redemption. We’re flawed people. I don’t ever think I’ll completely understand the problem of evil.  
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