03 June 2014

Just Because

I just killed a black widow. Little bitch had it coming. I hate those dang spiders. I felt a little sick when I saw it.

Whatever. My work week's over. I'm glad. Weeks bring too much. I'm tired of thinking about it. Now I'm home. I'm typing words on my dang Chromebook. Listening to Augustana. Love this album.

We just finished that movie Mr. Nobody with Jared Leto. It was one of those thinking movies. Choices verses destiny and time and junk. I thought it was interesting. I especially liked when they went into artificial hibernation and traveled to Mars. That was neat.

Now I've got some days off work to enjoy.

What'll I do? Well, I've been thinking about socialism. Yeah. Politics. I hate them. I should care more, but I just see the crazies posting crazy things on Facebook. I've been back on Facebook for the past few months. I'm kinda regretting getting back on. I'm attracted to it like moth to flame. I overpost and scroll though people's posts wasting time. I'm not even going waste time thinking about it now.

What else...

Not a lot. I'm just writing because. Just because.
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