13 June 2014

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Here I am again, writing on this small phone screen. I won't write too much. I'm tired and I need rest for tomorrow. I'm just bothered right now by my thoughts. I've seriously been thinking about Christianity. I'm a Christian, but I'm questioning a lot about how Christians think.

I read this article from Answers in Genesis. I'm blown away. I'm not a smart person, but I have common sense. I'm sorry, but these people make Christians look like closed minded fools. I believe what the Bible says, but I have some questions. I believe that any idea should stand up to questioning, including the Bible.

So, back to common sense. I believe that God loves and created me, and I feel that he's given us a brain to think through things. Science and discovery are wonderful things. God's made us curious. We are want to know more about our surroundings. And we've made a ton of discoveries as a human race.

One thing we've done is calculate how fast light travels. We know how far light will travel in one year. These people at Answers in Genesis are Young Earth Creationists. They believe the Earth is 6,000 years old...seriously. Elementary science teaches us that the closest galaxies to Earth are MILLIONS of light years away.

Man! The vastness of the Universe doesn't disprove God. The Universe can be billions and of years old. I mean, it is billions of years old. God is still God. He's outside of time. We've been made in his image. Curious. Discover. Search. Question your faith! If it's true, it'll withstand your most brutal tests.

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