27 June 2014

I'll Shut Up Now

**There are probably writing errors in this blog post. I don't proof read my posts.**

My internet connection... What the heck ever. I've been talking on social media about this dang iPad. Who the heck cares? No one gives a shit. I think I need to just take it easy on these things. I don't know why I feel the need to write something down and share it over the internet...kinda like I'm doing now. Blogger's okay. Not a whole lot of people read this thing. I like it that way. Not like Facebook. Everyone's on Facebook. And everyone's got an opinion. Then there's the people who post pointless garbage like me.

So, I'm going to use Blogger to get what's on my mind off my chest so I can just move on. I usually talk about religion. Or struggling in life. Or my son. Or my wife. Right now I want to talk about an iPad. Yeah, it's really dumb. The last Apple product I purchased was an iPod touch in 2007 or 2008. Now I have this iPad. I didn't purchase this iPad directly. I'm taking MBA courses and my school provided it to me. I was pretty excited, and I am still excited to use this iPad. I'm a Google guy for the most part. I had an Android tablet (just sold it), my last 5 phones have been Android phones, I have a Chromebook, use Chromecast...you get the picture.

I'm a Google fan boy. Not like Derek Ross from Phandroid...that guy's a real fan boy. But, I enjoy Google products. I think Android has it's flaws, but it works really great. Apple definitely set the trend with the iPad and the iPhone, but I think Android perfected the phone...the tablet, I still think iOS has the edge.

So, I've had this iPad for a full 24 hours. I like it a lot. Siri is cool. I like Google Now a bit better. I like the hot word "okay, Google". It reminds me of the Star Ship Enterprise. Siri, you have to hold down the home button for a few minutes to get it to listen. I also feel that Google Now gives me more relevant information. Try asking Google something totally weird and give it enough information and it will probably guess the right thing. I'll ask Google Now something now and I'll post the screen shot...

Pretty cool, right? Google even corrected the word "gangsta". I was talking about Office Space. 

Now, I'll ask Siri...

Fail, Siri. Fail. 

There have been a few other complaints. Which is dumb. Why should I be complaining? I got a free iPad. I'm just an idiot American who complains about dumb crap. I complain about mobile operating systems. Good guy, Zo. Good guy. Get a life. lol. I'll go on... You can't select a default browser. You could set a default browser on Windows '95, but you can't on a 2014 iPad. You can't hide the crap apps you probably won't be using, like Safari. But, I might be using Safari a lot more now because it's annoying to use Chrome for most things, but if I click on a link in an email or anywhere else it opens in Safari. So, to keep things consistent, I'll probably just use Safari. There are probably some other things I'll complain about. Maybe I should just be happy that I'm healthy...that would be good.

I am happy about a couple of features of this damn iPad. The build quality is unmatched. It's a sexy-ass piece of technology. So much so that Lindsey thought I was getting aroused and just about left the room to give me and the iPad a moment. We didn't need a moment. But, I was slightly aroused. I'll move on... It has a great battery life. I've been using it nonstop with Bluetooth on for the past 24 hours and the battery is now just at 14%. And the Bluetooth is great too. It has no problem at all connecting to my Jambox. In fact, when it's connected, it shows the battery life of the Jambox, too. Something my Android or Chomebook doesn't do. Not crazy important, but cool. 

I'm happy with this. It's free and really it's supposed to be used for my text books. That's about all I have to say about this think. You'll probably never another peep out of me about it. I'll probably talk about technology again. That's inevitable. 

I've realized something else today. Well, not just today. But, I was reminded that social media is bullshit. Pure 100% bullshit. I'm sucked in, and I don't know why. I'll probably use Blogger and G+ more, mostly because I get my social media thoughts of my mind and I don't have to worry about anyone reading my post. 

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