17 August 2011

Red Light Cameras

I'm all for red light cameras. People are upset about the idea because they think it's just one step closer to "Big Brother". Well maybe. But I'll argue that we're pretty much there anyway. Banks have cameras to make sure that we don't rob them. Walmart has cameras to make sure that we don't rob them. People post millions and billions of photos of themselves on Facebook voluntarily every day. There is a picture of you on a hard drive somewhere. Unless you live under a rock in the Pecos Wilderness (that would be nice), you're being watched. So what is the big deal about red light cameras. I don't think the issue is because it's a foreign company who cities contract to set up and manage the cameras. http://www.redflex.com/  I also don't think the issue is that they take a big chunk of the fine issued. And I don't think the issue is that the tickets issued are only civil citations and the city cannot issue warrants or take the person to court for the citation. I think the issue is that we don't want to be held accountable for our actions on the road. When we get into our cars we turn into selfish, arrogant, jerkfaces. I'm guilty too. I'm not an angry person most of the time, but if you cut me off on the freeway then I turn into a jerk.

I had an idea to even take this idea further. I think it would be amazing if in the future all cars speeds were monitored all of the time. Not even just monitored, but governed. I think it would be great if our cars were communicating with satellites all the time and if we tried to gun it past 15 mph in that school zone then our motor shut down for a moment. Does that take away any rights? Is it our right to break the law if we want? I don't know the law. And I'm all about free will. I don't want to be controlled. But driving is a privilege. Driving is a luxury. You can walk your happy butt around town if you want. Walking and the freedom to go wherever you want is a right... But not driving. I think if you can't obey the laws then your rights should be taken away. So many people die each year because of cars. I'm too lazy to look up stats, but I know the numbers are probably pretty high.

Here's a video of the accident I was in. I'm the little maroon car that was hit by the person who tried to speed through a red light. If it wasn't for the red light camera then I would have been sited.

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