07 August 2011

Sunday Evening

Tomorrow is the start of a new week. These days seem to be going by faster and faster. I feel like this summer just zoomed past us. 

I'm tired of a few things in my life. I'm tired of my lack of motivation in some areas. I'm tired of our little bathroom. I'm tired of the weather. 

Really, I have no reason to complain. We always complain. I always complain. I complain about terrible drivers in Albuquerque. I complain about dry, hot weather. (I live in a freakin' desert. I need to just get used to it.) I'm just a complainer. We're all complainers. But what do I do to change my situation? I complain some more. I would much rather do something. I could keep on complaining about how flawed people are, or I can just focus on my own life. My life needs improvement. I won't be happy if I focus on other people's lives.

I don't know. Sometimes life gets me down. Sometimes I don't have all of the things that I want. Then I have to stop and think, and sometimes write in a blog, then I remember--I remember that I have all that I need. I have a wife that I adore. I have loving parents and parent in-laws. I have family that loves me. I have a job that pays the bills. I live in a city, state and country that I am proud of. Life is mostly good. 

Today Lindsey and I saw a homeless woman in the park. We both have seen her many times walking around the Nob Hill and University area. I was filled with compassion, but I didn't do anything. I just sat there and I enjoyed my Arizona Tea Arnold Palmer. I wanted so bad to give her something, to show her kindness, but I ignored the urge. Next time I see her, I want to say something, I want to give something. 
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