14 August 2011

Route To Work

I'm really starting to like Google + a lot. I love how all of my old Google services that I use are all brought together in one spot. Blogger, Buzz, and Picasa are all accessible on Google +. It's kind of annoying though that I can't rotate the photos I upload to my blog using Picasa. Maybe they still have some bugs to work out. I'm going to stop talking about Google though before I start sounding like an advertisement.

Our weekend was fantastic. I wish I could just freeze time and stay in the weekend all of my life. It's not so much that I dread the week, it's more like I just enjoy the heck out of the weekend. This weekend we went to Pecos and had a picnic. I bought some chicken breasts and Joey brought some good bread, cheese and some Grey Poupon. We took cover underneath a bridge because we thought it was going to rain on us. It didn't end up raining very hard... We had an excellent time though. Just hanging out with friends. I know it's times like this that I'll never forget.

I'm optimistic for this next week. I think I lied in that last paragraph. I think sometimes I do dread the upcoming week. I try to stay optimistic though. I think that this week can bring wonderful things. I just have to break the routine. I think I'll start with my route to work. This week I'll try to take different routes every day of the week.
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