19 September 2011

Weeks Go On: Week #38, Day #262

I'm just floating through life... My weeks are identical to each other. Sunday I go to church an hour early to rehearse my guitar skills. Sunday night I watch some Netflix with Lindsey, most of the time Destination Truth. Monday I get up bright and early around 6:15am to let Diego out to potty, then I feed him and Floofy. Then I go to work. Same routine five days in a row. But there's a kink in my weekly routine on Wednesday when I have to rehearse my guitar skills again. I need some variation! I always want to go hike, or camp. I want to go out to dinner if our budget will allow, sometimes even when our budget doesn't allow.

This little life that is growing in Lindsey's tummy might be the best thing ever to happen to us. I know it's going to change this routine in a big way. I know it's going to be hard to be a parent, and I know it's going to be a challenge. Am I scared? Heck no! I'm more excited about this than anything I've ever been excited about! 

Some things in life aren't working out perfectly. I don't have as much financial wiggle room as I would like. But that's just fine. I have all I need. The iPad can wait, they're probably working on the next three generations now anyway. My iPad will always be obsolete. I don't want to be a poser anyway, and if I have an iPad then I'll definitely be a huge poser. Life is good though. I'd like to do more! Lindsey deserves the best husband ever. She deserves a man that cares about her every needs, a husband that listens and that is in tune with her. I want to understand her more. The lazy nights on the couch watching Netflix are great, but there is so much more. We are blessed beyond we could have ever imagined. I hope we can be a bright spot in other people's lives too. 

P.S. for more on this little life in Lindsey's tummy you can visit http://newmexicobaby.blogspot.com
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