29 November 2010

Zac and Sara...

I get brief breaks here at work, and I'll take this brief moment to write myself an e-mail... It's a funny thing, when I write myself an e-mail it is posted as a blog. That's really what my blog is--it's emails to myself. I am honored if other people are looking at my blog, but I like looking back at specific dates and see what was going on in my life at the time.

Right now I'm thinking I would love to be on vacation. I'd like to be in a cabin right now, sipping on some great coffee in the mountains. That would be great. I'm also happy that I'm here in Albuquerque in an office where Ben Folds is playing out of the tiny speaker in my iPod. I'm happy with my life right now... I can see some improvements that have to be made, but who can't? Anyway, I'm just writing myself an email. This is all. 

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