24 November 2010


I have been getting a bunch of hits from Sweden! How cool! I get more hits from Sweden than I do from the US. I'm okay with that. I love Sweden. A few of my favorite bands are from there. The Refused, Blindside, and Millencolin. I hope to meet someone from Sweden someday, whether it be here in Albuquerque, or in Stockholm. 

So here's something not related to Sweden-- Bing has really stepped it up in the maps department. Here is a photo of a close up of downtown Albuquerque using Bing's "bird's eye view". It's pretty sweet! I just might start using Bing more. 

So tomorrow is Thanksgiving... Yum, turkey. I am ready for tomorrow, but even more exciting are the leftovers. Turkey sandwiches, turkey burritos, turkey pasta, turkey tacos..it's going to rock. I just can't help to think that other counties probably hate us for having such a holiday though. While we are gorging our faces with turkey, others are going without. I really hope this time of the year encourages us to give more to those to don't have much. I'm ready to see family and enjoy each other, I think that's equally as important to loving our neighbors. 

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