04 November 2010

Breakfast Burritos

Authentic Vietnamese noodles from Ta Lin market are the best on a Thursday morning. I'm rebelling against the standard eggs and bacon. I'm a weird person, I don't like bacon, or any pork product for that matter. I don't know how I feel about eating an animal that is smarter than a dog. I'm okay with eating cows, fish and turkeys, but pigs I just can't. Don't get me wrong, I love the bacon at Gold Street Cafe, but still, I feel like I've done something bad after I eat it. Oh my goodness, Gold Street is the best. I love their breakfast burritos. I love most breakfast burritos, but theirs is so freaking good. Java Joe's also has an amazing breakfast burrito. If I ever move away from Albuquerque, the breakfast burrito is what I will miss the most. I have thought about starting a "Bathrooms and Burritos" blog. In the blog I would rate different Burritos and Blogs around the city--well anywhere I would go. I don't get out enough to start this blog. The most over-rated breakfast burrito is Golden Pride's. It is over priced and kind of mediocre. The tortilla is delicious, but the rest of the burrito is "meh". This weekend I am definitely going to suggest a morning at Java Joe's. It's been way too long.

Java Joe's does coffee right. I have discovered great coffee. Starbucks helped me discover my love for good coffee, the thing is I found out REAL good coffee. Java Joe's, and Moon's coffee is my favorite in the city. I know Moon's roasts their own coffee, I can smell it every time they are roasting. (They're across the street from my office.)
I'm excited for this week and for this month. Lindsey and I are heading out of town. Somewhere in state. It's Lindsey's birthday this month and we're going to head out of town before the holiday rush. We want to head to Red River, NM and get a cabin. I'm going to try to book the room this Friday. If we can't make it there, I'd like to head to some mountain town. Maybe Cloudcroft or Pecos. Somewhere. I'm also excited for Thanksgiving. It's a good month.
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