30 November 2010

Evening News

This is pretty awesome. I'm on the Internet while not actually being connected. Lindsey and I don't actually have an Internet connection, but I'm writing my thoughts down in an email on my iPod and it will be sent tomorrow sometime when I encounter a wifi signal--probably at McDonalds or Denny's or a public library... So, my thoughts are recorded at 6:44pm on 28 November, but they won't be shared on the Internet until 29 November. It's insane to think that is slow in today's standards. To have something published twenty years ago would have take much longer, not to mention you would have to be a great writer. 

We have no Internet. It's not so bad really. We still owe some money to AT&T, so I'd like to pay that debt off first before we connect with Qwest. It will be nice to finally be connected again. The main reason I'm looking forward to being connected is instant watch on Netflix. I have also been without a mobile phone for the past five months. It's been nice and crappy at the same time. Its good that I've had some peace--it's nice being free from a phone while I'm driving and at work. On Friday this is going to change. I'm going to get a Cricket phone. The phone I'm going to get is a refurbished Samsung flip phone. I really don't care that it isn't an Android. I'll always have my iPod with me and my monthly bill will only be $35 a month. Good deal. I'm going to get back to my KOB newscast.

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