16 November 2010

A Bit Warmer, MxPx

What a morning! Well, it's really nothing out of the ordinary. I woke up and it wasn't freezing. For some reason my furnace decided to stay on all night. We have had a problem with the furnace pilot flame staying lit. The other morning I swear I could see my breath. This morning was considerably warmer. There was even fog on the windows. I think the low last night was 29F. I don't know that it was this temp at my apartment, but it was around this temperature. My windows had a good deal of frost on them. I had to scrape my windows. Lindsey was wonderful this morning. She packed me a lunch and I made her coffee. It's all about team work... Well, when she was in the shower I guess Diego (our dog) was barking to get out to pee. I didn't hear him and he decided to go on the carpet. That was bad teamwork on my part. Other than that, our morning was really nice. I remembered my CD spools. I have been listening to the same 5 CD's over and over. ED FM is really pissing me off too. They used to play good music. Now it's some good music and then Areosmith and hair metal. I hate hair metal. El Calle 103 is good, but it gets old. 89.1 KANW New Mexico Music is great, but I think people in the office get annoyed at the Spanish Polka. I love it, and I jam it in my car on the way home. Plus NPR is great on the way home and on the way to work.
I did take the data (distance and altitude), for my drive to work. I am trying to display it in a graph in Excel. I like Open Office better. Stupid Excel. Any way, today has been great. I'm going to look through my spool of CD's and pick a CD... Maybe MxPx. Who knows!
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