30 March 2010

Weather and a Good Day

Santa Fe Baldy! So gorgeous!

Today is nice! It's sunny and 75 degrees. Mizzou is on their spring break and I'm at work a bit early enjoying an iced chai. Lovely. Spring is probably my favorite season. I'm looking at weather across the country. That's what I like to do. I mostly compare Missouri to Santa Fe and Albuquerque and then I look at Phoenix and Denver then I look at Portland. Here are the readings for today:

(Data taken from http://www.weather.gov)

Columbia Regional Airport
Lat: 38.83 Lon: -92.22 Elev: 893
Last Update on Mar 30, 2:54 pm CDT


75 °F
(24 °C)
Humidity:23 %
Wind Speed:S 18 G 24 MPH
Barometer:29.78" (1008.1 mb)
Dewpoint:35 °F (2 °C)
Visibility:10.00 mi.

Santa Fe County Municipal Airport
Lat: 35.62 Lon: -106.08 Elev: 6344
Last Update on Mar 30, 1:53 pm MDT


72 °F
(22 °C)
Humidity:9 %
Wind Speed:SW 16 G 24 MPH
Barometer:29.88" (1004.7 mb)
Dewpoint:9 °F (-13 °C)
Visibility:10.00 mi.

Denver Intnl Arpt
Lat: 39.87 Lon: -104.67 Elev: 5414
Last Update on Mar 30, 1:53 pm MDT

Mostly Cloudy

78 °F
(26 °C)
Humidity:11 %
Wind Speed:S 12 MPH
Barometer:29.48" (991.0 mb)
Dewpoint:20 °F (-7 °C)
Heat Index:77 °F (25 °C)
Visibility:10.00 mi.

Wow! Check out those low humidity readings. I wonder why the low humidity readings are so wide spread. Most of the time when I check Santa Fe's humidity it's between 30% and 65%. Moberly's humidity is usually between 60% and 80%. Santa Fe is also expecting snow on Thursday night and a low of 27 degrees F. I'm so happy we're done with the low temperatures. Also notice that Santa Fe's altitude is much higher than Denver "the mile high city"'s altitude. Interesting.
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